Steadfast OP

The Shannon Valley HOA Board was approached by the Overland Park Police Department to participate in a new safety program targeted at HOAs. The Program is modeled on a successful program used with apartment complexes in Overland Park. In fact, in a preliminary meeting with the program coordinator we learned Shannon Valley HOA was specifically selected to pilot the program because of our status as an active,established, large association. The proposal was taken to the Board of Directors at the July meeting where the Board agreed to participate.Therefore, the Shannon Valley HOA and the Overland Park Police Department would like to invite you to participate in a new crime reduction initiative called Steadfast OP.

Steadfast OP is a cooperative effort that centers on making small changes in order to benefit the residents both individually and collectively. Together, we will host a safety social for the community, during which residents will have an opportunity to pose specific questions to members of our Community Policing Unit. This is intended to be a time of introduction and building relationships with each other. When scheduled, social distancing requirements in place at the time will be considered in selecting a location and format for the social.We will also distribute a checklist for each of the residents to take into their homes and conduct a self-assessment of the safety precautions both inside and out.

On that form, directions are provided for requesting a specially trained officer to meet you at your home to answer specific questions or provide suggestions to improve your safety and lower your opportunity to be victimized by crime.Thirdly, the Police Department will conduct an unannounced neighborhood check for available opportunities for criminals. This includes unattended and opened doorways, and valuable items left in vehicles, in open view.Finally, the Police Department will complete and provide a newsletter with area crime statistics and helpful hints.Your participation in this program is completely voluntary. We do hope you will take part in this journey with us. We are working on a date for the Safety Social event and will be sending out the Home Security Checklists soon!

We will be holding a Safety Social with OPPD on September 19th at the Park! Refreshments will be provided. If you are interested in attending, please complete the form below and we will reach out!

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