Message from Steadfast OP’s Wes Griffith, OPPD COPPS Unit

Hello everyone!   I wanted to pass along a notice to you that can be forwarded to your neighborhood and friends. Apple Air Tags have been gaining popularity over the past year or so. These devices were designed and marketed so that people could attach them to items like car keys or luggage and not lose them. Unfortunately, some people have been using them to follow people or vehicles. This link leads to an information page from Apple ( I would encourage everyone to check it out. If anyone gets a notification that a tag is nearby and feels like someone may be following them or targeting them or their car, feel free to drive to a police station and speak with an officer. We will do our best to help out in this situation. At the very least, park your vehicle in your garage (if available) and close the garage door. If the car needs to be left in the driveway or street side, be sure to remove all valuables and lock the doors. 

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