Section 20. Duration of Restrictions

The above covenants and restrictions shall continue and be in full force and effect until the 31st day of December, 2002, and shall automatically be continued thereafter for successive periods of 25 years each, provided, however, that the then owners of the fee simple title of 60% of the front feet of all of the lots herein described, may release the land or any part of it from any one or more of said restrictions, on December 31, 2002, or at the expiration of any 25-year period thereafter, by executing and acknowledging an appropriate agreement in writing for such purpose, and filing the same in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Johnson County, Kansas. The provisions of this…
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Section 19. Maintenance of Common Areas

All Common areas in the subdivision shall be maintained by Shannon Valley Developments until a Shannon Valley Homes Association is formed under an instrument executed the 18th day of August, 1977, entitled Homes Association Declaration, Shannon Valley Estates. After the formation of said Homes Association, it shall maintain all common areas, including, but not limited to the mowing, planting, trimming, landscaping of such areas, Common areas shall include all berm areas, islands and other landscaped areas shown upon the plat not being a part of any particular lot, whether or not the same shall be dedicated to the public. Such areas not dedicated to the public shall be deeded by Shannon Valley Developments to the Homes Association which shall, in…
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Section 16. Miscellaneous Provisions

a) Garage Doors: All doors on garages located on the lots hereby restricted shall be kept closed except when opened for the purpose of parking or removal there from of motor vehicles. b) Exterior Clothes Lines and Poles: No exterior clothes lines or poles may be erected or maintained on any of the lots hereby restricted. c) Exterior Christmas Lights and/or Decorations; No exterior Christmas lights and/or decorations may be erected or maintained on any of the lots hereby restricted except during a sixty (60) day period beginning November 15th of each calendar year. d) Garage, Porch or Basement Sales: No garage, porch or basement sales may be conducted on any of the lots hereby restricted without prior consent in…
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Section 15. Billboards

No signs, advertisements, billboards, or advertising of the lots hereby restricted without the consent in writing of Shannon Valley Developments; provided, however, that permission is hereby granted for the erection and maintenance of not more than one advertising board on each lot or tract as sold and conveyed, which advertising board shall not be more than 5 square feet in size and may be used for the sole and exclusive purpose of advertising for sale or lease the lot or tract upon which it is erected.

Section 13. Foundations

All exterior basement foundations and walls which are exposed in excess of twelve inches (12″) above final grade level shall be pained the same color as the house, or covered with siding compatible with the structure.

Section 12. Television or Radio Antenna

No television or radio antenna or aerial shall be placed on the exterior of any structure or constructed separately, without the consent of Shannon Valley Developments. No lights or other illumination shall be higher than the house on any lot covered by these restrictions without the consent of Shannon Valley Developments.