2018 September Minutes

Shannon Valley Homes Association

Board Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2018


Board members present:

Libby Hayes

Sarah Heine

Steve Allee

Brian Tannahill


Also present:

Dylan Stang, Home Association Solutions


  1. Previous Minutes

We approved the minutes of the August meeting.


  1. Financials

Dylan presented the financials.  


  1. Landscaping

Discussed the approach to the landscaping along Antioch.  Last year we cut back on the flower beds in this area. We prefer to minimize the expense in this area by keeping mainly grass and not having flowerbeds.


We have a bid from Greenlawn of $3140 for treating the bagworms in the juniper trees along College and elsewhere.  This needs to be done soon to avoid having to replace trees. We approved the expense 4-0.


The trees along the west side of Grant near the sidewalk are nearing end of life and will need to be removed.  We have a bid of $5700 for removing the trees and grinding the stumps. We are planning to put this into next year’s budget.


The 2019 budget needs to be approved by December 1.


  1. College Boulevard fence

The new fence has been completed.

All but 8 homeowners have signed the new easement.  Neil and Libby will work on getting the remaining signatures, with the annual meeting date as a target.


  1. Parking lot lighting

We are planning to include the parking lot lighting in next year’s budget.


  1.  Oktoberfest

We discussed plans for Oktoberfest


  1.  Fall Newsletter

In lieu of a newsletter Libby will draft a postcard announcing Oktoberfest and giving the date of the annual meeting.


  1.  Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 3, at 7:00 pm.