2018 July Meeting Minutes

Shannon Valley Homes Association
Board Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2018
Board members present:
Neil Sickendick
Libby Hayes
Steve Allee
Sarah Heine
Brian Tannahill
Also present:
Dylan Stang, Home Association Solutions
1. Previous Minutes
We approved the minutes of the June meeting.
2. Financials
Dylan presented the financial information.
3. Grounds
We approved a $100 bid from Green Lawn for tree maintenance at the park.
The irrigation system along Antioch was damaged recently by utility work. Dylan is going to review city permits
to see who did the work, and contact them for reimbursement.
4. College Boulevard fence
Work on the fence is scheduled to begin this month. There are ten property owners backing up to College who
have not yet signed the new easement. Neil is going to contact them to arrange a time to have them sign the
document and have it notarized.
We want to record our decisions about the fence so that the information will be readily available 15 or 20 years
from now. We’re not sure how to do this — we can record this in the minutes, but since the records from
previous years have been lost, recording it in the minutes is not enough. Dylan offered to check on this.
5. Little Free Library
We approved the purchase of a Little Free Library, to be installed at the shelter in the park. The cost is
approximately $500.
6. Parking Lot Lighting
We reviewed information on solar-powered lighting for the parking lot at the park. Steve is investigating details
of the pole installation.
7. Upcoming Social Events
Mike Driggs has been in charge of Oktoberfest in the past. Dylan will contact him for information.
8. Next meeting
The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00 pm.
Action items:
Steve: Check on pole installation for park lighting
Dylan: Check on how to record the decision about how we’ll deal with the fence on any properties that don’t
approve the new easement
Dylan: order the Little Free Library
Dylan: contact Mike Driggs about Octoberfest