College Blvd Fence Ballot Results and Upcoming Meetings

Hello Neighbors,

The ballots for the College Blvd fence have been collected and counted.  We received approximately 300 ballots (53% response rate), just over 100 of which had comments/suggestions regarding the neighborhood and how we can continue to help improve it.  Thank you all for your participation and votes in this process, and thank you to the previous board for all of their efforts in moving this discussion to a point where a proper vote could take place!

The decision of the neighborhood, determined solely by the outcome of the vote, is to not fund the replacement/repair of the fence along College Blvd.  We received 192 “no” votes, and 111 “yes” votes (this sentence added 3/30/18).  As a result, all responsibility and control over this fence will remain with the individual homeowners.  Homeowners along College Blvd, with sections of the affected fence on their property, have been notified about a meeting to be held Monday, April 2nd at Tomahawk Ridge Community Center at 7pm to discuss the outcome of this vote and future responsibility of the maintenance of the fence.

All ballots will be retained and filed indefinitely with our team at Home Association Solutions.  The comments included on the ballots are being compiled into a single document for review/response, as appropriate, by the board.

Additionally, the regular monthly meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm.  Going forward, monthly board meetings will take place the first Wednesday of the month.  If you wish to attend and/or speak at the monthly board meeting, please contact a member of the board in advance so that you can be added to the meeting agenda!  All board meetings are open to members of the HOA.

Thank you


  1. Georgia Fain

    Thanks for the update & support for Shannon Valley neighborhood. We have lived here since 2006 & by far this is the best communication among the neighbors I’ve seen. We appreciate your service.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Thank you Georgia!

  2. Barbara Varhol

    Wow, this is very disappointing to say the least. We have lived here since 1989 and have loved it. However, this situation has given us cause to consider moving. The fence surrounding Shannon Valley on College Blvd. was one of the first things we noticed when considering this neighborhood. It indicated to us that this community understood the importance of esthetics and consistency. We do worry that this change allowing the owner to decide if they will replace the fence or not will lead to lowering our home value. Inconsistencies are not a good thing in valuing the neighborhood.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Hi Barbara,

      You are not alone in that thinking! That is why the previous board, and the current board, felt a neighborhood vote would be the best way to solve this issue – given the history of the fence, it’s current standing, and the sizable investment for replacement, it was important the HOA members be given the opportunity to have their voices heard. We did get a good response rate from our neighbors, and are confident that the homeowners along College will maintain their fences in accordance with city code and HOA guidelines.

      Thank you for your response.

    2. Lori Kueker

      We too are very disappointed. We moved to SV in 1986 and loved the beauty of SV. I’m with Barbara and am now about a ready to move.

  3. Richard Trudell

    Thank you for all your hard work. Will the minutes of the meetings be promptly available via this website.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Hi Richard – Yes! We will post monthly minutes following our meetings.

  4. Linda Hennessy

    Are there currently HOA guidelines regarding the fences along both College Blvd and Antioch?

    Also, I am probably not the only one who would like to know how much money has been spent by the board on legal fees to resolve this very messy situation.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Hi Linda –

      The current bylaws say very little about fencing in SV, but they do require that homeowners receive approval from the board on fence plans before doing the project. However, since we have very little in regards to restrictions in SV at this time, decisions will be at the discretion of the board, largely guided by city code, which of course residents must adhere to when erecting, expanding, or replacing a fence!

      The legal fees incurred last year, per the budget provided at the annual meeting, were approximately $2700. Most, if not all of this was related to the fence.


      1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

        Edit to my number stated above – I read the wrong P/L report – the legal fees for 2017 totaled nearly $4500. Our faithful treasurer Sarah Heine appropriately corrected me!

  5. ken thurmond

    No worries Barbara Varhol, the outcome of this vote is
    neither Legal, nor enforceable due to the fact that it
    violates By-Law – Article 3.4 – Which states that such
    votes as these MUST be held at a special meeting
    called by the directors in which 2/3rds of the residents
    are in attendance. there will be a reply to this commit
    stating that this By-Law requirement was satisfied in
    a meeting held in February, not true, it was a discussion
    that turned into a heated debate, and very quickly
    abandoned by the board. Furthermore, all of the
    aforementioned facts have been verified by my
    Law firm.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Hi Ken,

      That refers to a vote to make changes to the bylaws. There is no bylaw change here. That 2/3rds rule does not apply to this particular ballot. This ballot was merely a way to capture neighborhood opinion on the issue to assist in resolving what was, indeed, a heated debate.

      Feel free to reach out to me directly if you’d like to discuss more – or 913.744.6368.


  6. Becky Switzer

    This is a very self-righteous and sanctimonious new board, I believe, and we will soon find that they will have an answer that agrees with their decisions, regardless of what is best and/or legal for our neighborhood, on any and every issue that they decide to address. We are considering moving as well.

  7. ST

    I find it interesting that people who were “pro fence” and have participated in the board in years past unchallenged with their own agenda unchecked are so upset by the fact that the new board has been working hard to serve the majority in an open way. I appreciate all Lori Kueker has done over the years past. I appreciate a lot of what Mike Driggs has done too! I can’t say the same for some others. Not that I don’t appreciate all the people that volunteer. Because that is challenging with all the demands we have these days. But HOAs should not be exclusive clubs or dictatorships. They are meant to uphold bylaws, fiduciary responsibly, order, safety and value for the majority.

    It is clear the new board is comprised of hard working, caring, intelligent people. They have avoided opinion and stuck to the facts. They have worked harder than I’ve seen any board work over the last decade to communicate and engage homeowners.

    For those of you who want to move – it’s a sellers market! No one is stopping you.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Thank you Sarah! It’s an important point for all to remember that the purpose of the board is to serve the residents and uphold the bylaws established and agreed upon by the residents of the neighborhood. That is it. The current board will always exhaust itself, if necessary, to ensure that it does the RIGHT thing, whether that agrees with our personal preferences or not.

  8. Allen Switzer

    Great to see that the College entrance Monument is now fixed. Hopefully the company that dug thru the electricity at the same site will soon fix this so we can have a lighted Monument AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, electricity for the Sprinkler system around the Tennis Court. When is the next swimming pool meeting?


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