Board Meetings

Shannon Valley Homes Association

July 11, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

 Approval of May 9, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

 Homeowner Request for Permission to Build a Shed – Homeowner Ken Thurmond requested permission to build a storage shed in the back yard of his property and requesting building requirements if approved.  The board voted unanimously to decline the request, sighting association bylaws that specifically prohibit the construction of storage shed structures.

 Financial Reports

General review and approval of Association financial reports through June 30, 2017.  The HOA continues to be in a strong financial position from P&L and balance sheet perspectives.  Significant progress has been made in collecting delinquent association dues with remaining delinquent homeowners being assessed liens on their property and suspension of trash collection; both actions to be achieved by HAS.

Grounds Keeping

  1.  Landscaping along Antioch – Approved GreenLawn sod quote for eliminating a number of landscaping islands on Antioch and replacing with sod. This will reduce maintenance costs in subsequent year budgeting.
  2. Floral Color Addition Bid – GreenLawn submitted a bid for adding floral color to existing landscaping within SV entryways; approved by the board.
  3. Minimum Landscaping Bids for Board Approval – the board agreed that HAS could approve landscaping and other maintenance bids of $5,000 or under without board approval.
  4. Fencing – The board discussed restoring the fencing on College Blvd, reviewing several preliminary bids. It was agreed that the board and HAS would first determine ownership and responsibility for fence restoration and ongoing maintenance and there was agreement to secure legal counsel, if required.  It was agreed that it is the responsibility of HAS to lead the fence restoration and other maintenance discussions.

A special meeting was held on July 25 at HAS offices to further discuss and make decisions, specifically pertaining to the fence structures on College Blvd., from Grant to Benson.  A quorum of board attendees agreed that Shannon Valley Homes association would assume responsibility for the fencing along College Blvd.  A motion was proffered and seconded to proceed with that fence restoration, however, it was agreed that the motion was deficient of the specific amount to be budgeted for said restoration; thus, HAS agreed to secure, aggregate and negotiate bids for the best deal possible for the association.  Bid results will be presented at the August 30, 2017 board meeting where the original motion to proceed with restoration will be amended and voted upon.

There were dissenting opinions; a major concern being the significant amount of association funds being spent on a project that affects a small percentage of Shannon Valley homeowners and the precedent set for those homeowners along Antioch who might expect similar HOA acceptance of fence restoration responsibility for their deteriorating fencing.  Attending board members agreed that responsibility for fencing along Antioch would lie with the Antioch homeowners.

  1. Chip Sealing of Shannon Valley Roads and Cul de Sacs – Pressure is continuing to be applied to the City of Overland Park to correct the errant chip sealing process. Subsequently, a letter has been received by some homeowners that the City will attempt to improve the chip sealing process with an additional sealing process, to be achieved sometime in September; the exact extent of that sealing to be determined.
  2. Architecture Committee Meeting – Board member Gary Fox called a special meeting of the board on August 28 to review architecture requirements for homeowner improvements; examples – solar panels and/or shingles, tree houses, playground structures, storage sheds, house paint colors, etc. Gary will present meeting results and recommendations at the August 30 HOA board meeting.  Amending of the HOA bylaws may be required.  This architectural review is timely as several residents have recently requested approval for structures that may or may not coincide with current SV HOA bylaws.

Upcoming Events – Octoberfest and other upcoming events will be discussed at the 8/30 board meeting, including event leadership.

Miscellaneous –

Waste Management will continue to be our trash collection supplier as a result of their acquisition of our previous supplier; contract renewal to be reviewed by the board at the appropriate time suggested by HAS.  Generally, there is satisfaction with Waste Management with occasional problems expressed by a small number of homeowners.

The Shannon Valley Website continues to be a bit of a challenge, due to our webmaster, Derek Leeds, currently serving military duty in Kuwait.  However, we continue to muddle through with postings and announcements.  Ultimately, the board may consider a more user-friendly platform for our HOA site.

A list of ten new homeowners was presented by HAS; welcome gifts to be secured and distributed with letter from Allen.

A fall newsletter was requested, contents to be discussed at the 8/30 board meeting.

The City was contacted about trimming around trees, signs and the playground in Shannon Valley Park.  We requested that additional mulch be added to the playground area for safety purposes.  The City agreed to all requested improvements; however, the Parks Department continues to be inundated with storm clean-up and will tackle our requests as soon as possible.




February Board Meeting Fact Sheet

The Board appreciates the time that residents spent to come out and share their thoughts at the February 8th Board meeting. Here is a link to the Fact Sheet that was shared by the Board at the meeting:  Many residents found the information to be helpful and we hope those of you who were unableto attend the meeting also find it helpful. The Board is continuing to work hard for you and, asvolunteers, we appreciate your support and kindness.