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The Board is happy to welcome Matthew Elyachar as a new member of the Board of Directors for the Shannon Valley Homes Associations. Matthew was voted onto the board at our July board meeting. Matthew and his wife have been residents in Shannon Valley since 1991. He’s been in the flooring industry since 1983 and is excited to have the opportunity to give back to the SV community.

Board Vacancy

The Shannon Valley Board would like to announce to the neighborhood that effective June 1st, Libby Hayes resigned as President of the SVHOA. Libby communicated family obligations which are understandably a top priority. We thank Libby for serving, and the great work she has put into our community.  Griffin Gatewood will be stepping into the President position effective June 2nd. If you have any questions or concerns, you can direct those to our contact form or email This leaves an opening for the fifth position within the board, and those interested should fill out the Volunteer Form, and a decision of who to appoint for the remainder of the vacant term will be made by the Board at our next meeting…
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3/4/2022 – Memorandum

The Board decided to engage paid legal counsel to issue an opinion concerning the Concord House. Here is a link to the legal opinion of Mr. Kurtz from the law firm of Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, P.C. Having such attorney engaged allows the Board to have paid counsel available to deal directly with any counsel retained by residents actively opposing the Concord House. Also, this legal opinion from a named Kansas qualified attorney should put to rest the discussion on this point that we continue to hear from the group actively opposing the Concord House. The legal analysis set forth in Mr. Kurtz’s opinion reaches the same conclusions as the Board has stated the entire duration of this…
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February Board Meeting Fact Sheet

The Board appreciates the time that residents spent to come out and share their thoughts at the February 8th Board meeting. Here is a link to the Fact Sheet that was shared by the Board at the meeting:  Many residents found the information to be helpful and we hope those of you who were unableto attend the meeting also find it helpful. The Board is continuing to work hard for you and, asvolunteers, we appreciate your support and kindness.

AHH’s Concord House Update

As we discussed in our recent Zoom meeting, the City of Overland Park was expected to announce the process it would follow to make a final decision regarding the Concord House proposed by AHH. In conducting its analysis regarding the process, the City of Overland Park determined that it was preempted in applying its zoning restriction of the maximum unrelated individuals in a single family home due to the reasonable accommodation it was required to give to AHH’s Concord House under the Fair Housing Act. Thus, the City decided that there is no further process necessary to reach its conclusion. Please see the letter below that we received from the City discussing its findings and providing further information regarding its…
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Message from Steadfast OP’s Wes Griffith, OPPD COPPS Unit

Hello everyone!   I wanted to pass along a notice to you that can be forwarded to your neighborhood and friends. Apple Air Tags have been gaining popularity over the past year or so. These devices were designed and marketed so that people could attach them to items like car keys or luggage and not lose them. Unfortunately, some people have been using them to follow people or vehicles. This link leads to an information page from Apple ( I would encourage everyone to check it out. If anyone gets a notification that a tag is nearby and feels like someone may be following them or targeting them or their car, feel free to drive to a police station and speak with an…
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Jan. 17 Webinar Invitation

The Shannon Valley Homes Association will be hosting a virtual meeting on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  This meeting is being held to address any questions residents of Shannon Valley may have regarding the proposed AHH Group Home.  If you are unfamiliar with this situation please read the statement below which will provide information. This meeting will be held virtually (via Zoom webinar).  Below you will find the information on how to register and attend the meeting. Please follow the steps below to register: Go to If you don’t have an account on Zoom, register – it’s free! Enter the meeting ID:  859 3847 2419 Fill out the brief registration form Once your address has been verified,…
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