AHH’s Concord House Update

As we discussed in our recent Zoom meeting, the City of Overland Park was expected to announce the process it would follow to make a final decision regarding the Concord House proposed by AHH. In conducting its analysis regarding the process, the City of Overland Park determined that it was preempted in applying its zoning restriction of the maximum unrelated individuals in a single family home due to the reasonable accommodation it was required to give to AHH’s Concord House under the Fair Housing Act. Thus, the City decided that there is no further process necessary to reach its conclusion. Please see the letter below that we received from the City discussing its findings and providing further information regarding its investigation. Please reach out to Mr. Jack Messer at the City directly regarding questions concerning the contents of the City’s letter.

Due to the City’s findings discussed above, as explained in our Zoom meeting, the SVHA is bound by the same Federal Law as the City of Overland Park and has no power to take any action against AHH’s Concord House in respect to its status as a single family home. Please reach out to the SVHA Board regarding any questions related to SVHA.

We understand that there are residents that are going to be displeased by this finding. We would encourage everyone to continue to act with respect towards our neighbors regardless of their position on this issue. We appreciate all the thoughts, views, and time that we all have given to this situation. We are hopeful that we can all come together and move forward as one unified neighborhood.

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